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AMEST 2022

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26 July 2022: Graduate pre-workshop

27-28 July 2022: Workshop

29 July 2022: Industry day

5th IFAC Workshop on

Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technology
26-29 July 2022

Smart and Connected Maintenance: from Local Retrofitting to Global Services in Maintenance and Asset Care Management

The 5th IFAC Workshop on Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technology (AMEST’22) will bring together international experts from academia and industry to present and debate the latest advances in the Engineering and Management of Maintenance Systems and Services. Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud and Edge Computing, Smart Sensors, Digital Twins, and Augmented Reality create a new impetus for Intelligent Maintenance Systems and Smart Asset Lifecycle Management. This, in turn, drives businesses and organizations to adopt innovative business and service models, tightly linked with data-driven value creation approaches, exploiting the use of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to shield the resilience and integrity of industrial systems and maximize the value extracted from assets across their lifecycle. Thanks to the increasing availability and penetration of such technologies at ever-lowering costs, this value-enhancing activity is not only relevant to new smart assets, but it is also highly applicable to smart retrofitted” assets during their lifecycle. The opportunities, advances, and challenges of doing so will constitute one of the highlights of the 1st IFAC AMEST Workshop to be hosted in Latin America, as “Smart Retrofitting” addresses real needs expressed by organizations of all sizes, and particularly SME managers facing decisions on whether to acquire new smart assets or conduct a smart retrofit of their legacy equipment to take advantage of Smart Maintenance opportunities, within tight budgets. 

We welcome high-quality contributions that investigate main research challenges, technology developments, and business model advancements, as well as case studies and applications of new and emerging perspectives in the Engineering and Management of Maintenance Systems and Services.​​


March 21, 2022 / Registration is open

We finalized the review process and we are now ready to start the registration. The workshop will be held in hybrid form enabling researchers to choose how to engage (either virtually or in person). You can register at the following webpage:

Remember that a separate registration (regular or student or industry) is required for each accepted paper to be included in the conference proceedings. Early bird registration will apply untill April, 24th. Registration is considered complete once the payment has been done.

February 18, 2022 / 45 submitted research papers

A number of 45 research papers have been submitted to the workshop. Papers are now in the review stage and review outcomes will be communicated to authors by the 11th of March. Whereas, the submission of industry abstracts will remain open until April 17.

December 20, 2021 / Draft paper submission deadline extension

Due to the work of the end of the year and the subsequent holidays, we decided to move the deadline for draft paper submission to January, 31st. We hope that this extension will allow you to prepare your contributions. 

December 5, 2021 / Publication of invited sessions

The following invited sessions have been accepted:

  1. Maintenance contribution to sustainable Industry 4.0
  2. Digital Twins for Smart Maintenance and Industrial Asset Management
  3. Data Quality Issues in AI-enabled Maintenance Systems
  4. Latin America Research in Maintenance and Asset Management
  5. Smart Retrofitting Strategies in Maintenance and Asset Management:
  6. Digital twins for maximising value from infrastructure
  7. Human-in-the-Loop and The Transition to Industry 5.0 In Maintenance and Asset Management

You can find a complete description on the webpage in the invited session section. Even if they are defined as invited sessions, these can also be considered as open tracks and we invite you to disseminate them and to submit contributions that fit the sessions.

November 11, 2021 / Professor Jay Lee as keynote speaker

We are proud to announce Professor Jay Lee as keynote speaker at the AMEST 2022 workshop. Jay Lee is professor at the University of Cincinnati and is one of the main worldwide experts in industrial maintenance. Among many initiatives, he is founding director of the Industrial AI Center and his talk will be titled “Industrial AI and Resilient Maintenance Systems”.

October 28, 2021 / AMEST 2022 goes hybrid

Due to the still uncertain worldwide pandemic situation and with the objective to provide the greatest flexibility to join the workshop, AMEST 2022 will be held in the hybrid form enabling people to choose how they engage. This means that it will be both in-person and virtual. Prices concerning the virtual participation will be announced in the next weeks.

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