Call for Industry Abstracts

The Call for Industry Abstracts of the 5th IFAC Workshop on
Advanced Maintenance Engineering, Services and Technology
is now open

Important Dates

  • 31st October 2021: Deadline for invited session proposal submission

  • 19th December 2021: Draft paper submission

  • 23rd January 2022: Authors notification

  • 27th February 2022: Final paper submission

  • 24th April 2022: Early bird registration

  • 26-29th July 2022: Workshop

We are seeking abstracts in English (up to 2 pages) from industry practitioners that illustrate innovative digital and retrofitted solutions, their implementation, the journey towards digitalization, as well as challenges and opportunities in the area of maintenance and asset management.

Selected abstracts will be invited for presentation in industry-focused sessions and panels at the workshop. We envisage the following benefits to the industry speakers and participants:

  • Learn about the cutting-edge research happening in the academic community
  • Understand how your counterparts are addressing the challenges you face
  • Access new developments in research and build collaborations
  • Raise the profile of your company to academic and industry audiences
  • Network with an international community


The 5th IFAC AMEST 2022 Workshop is seeking original papers on topics including the following (and relates areas):

  • Artificial Intelligence in Maintenance​
  • Asset Lifecycle Management​
  • Asset Modernization​
  • Asset Upgrade ​
  • Condition-based Maintenance​
  • Condition Monitoring​
  • Cyber-Physical Systems​
  • Deteriorating Modeling​
  • Data-Driven Decision-making​
  • Data and Knowledge-drive Maintevnance​
  • Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • Digital Twins for Assets Management​
  • Industrial Internet of Things​
  • Integrated Maintenance an Production Systems​
  • Intelligent Maintenance Systems
  • Interoperability
  • Logistics and Maintenance Systems
  • Low-cost Monitoring Approaches​
  • Maintenance Strategies​
  • Maintenance Decision Support Systems
  • New Business Models for Maintenance Services
  • Predictive Maintenance​
  • Resilience based Maintenance​
  • Services for Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Management ​
  • Simulation and Optimization in Maintenance​
  • Smart Assets Lifecycle Management​
  • Smart Retrofitting​
  • Women in Maintenance and Asset
    Lifecycle Management
  • Human-centered Smart Maintenance

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